Travelers, check out 'the world's coolest backpack'

Whether your travel style is adventure trekking or you simply like the hands-free convenience of a backpack, you have GOT to check out this new backpack on steroids.

Billed as “The World’s Coolest Backpack,” the Adv3nture Backpack has several unique – and extremely useful – features and innovations.

Having just returned from a tour of the Baltic where guides in at least four of the cities warned us about pickpockets, the backpack’s security pockets caught my attention. They are both hidden, and positioned so that they rest against the wearer’s back. Excellent planning there!

The Adv3nture Pack is actually two separate packs: the “small pack” and the “big pack.” They can be used separately or joined together (in about five seconds, we’re told) for additional capacity and convenience. The manufacturer has dubbed that feature the “Drop & Go” feature so the user can adapt the bags to their travel needs, either using them as one big bag, separating them to share the load with a companion, or using either bags by itself.

Big pack (left) and small pack (right)

The small pack can be used as an everyday bag, or for day hikes or exploring. It can hold six 12-ounce beverage cans, four sandwiches, four energy bars, a water bottle, sunglasses, wallet, lip balm, car keys, and cell phone at the same time. The small pack weighs just 1.25 pounds.

The big pack has similar features but more pockets, a dedicated padded sleeve for a laptop, and a range of useful innovations including a second cooler than can hold eight beverage cans. By itself, the big pack weights two pounds so the combined pack weighs in at 3.25 pounds. Not counting the stuff you put in it, which could be considerable.

When combined, the two bags have a 45-liter capacity, 14 accessible external pockets, and two triple-insulated coolers that can carry a total of 14 cans. For reference, a six pack weighs just about five pounds but then, you knew that, didn’t you?

Packs have triple-insulated coolers for both hot and cold items

Combined, the packs are 12 inches wide, 13 inches deep and 18 inches tall.

The bags are being offered by the company,, through a Kickstarter campaign that ends May 31, so time is short if you’d like to investigate further. The campaign is the company’s third, so they’ve been around the block a couple of times already.

As with many such campaigns, this company is offering deals to backers. Pledges of $159 will get the backer a Two-Pack, which will carry an MSRP of $229. But hurry; as of this writing, there are only two such deals left. Other deals are also available for either the big pack or the small pack.

Check out the product and the campaign details here.

At the conclusion of the campaign, the company will send the orders to the manufacturer. At that point, it takes 120 days for the backpacks to land in its fulfillment center, and will then be quickly shipped to those who ordered them.

The company also makes travel jackets, hats and shirts, and plants three trees for every purchase from its online store and from the ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

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