CANNON BEACH, Ore. - The Lazy Susan Café

While the current trend is to rely on social media for recommendations of restaurants and other businesses, I prefer to ask the locals for their recommendations. In Cannon Beach recently, the maintenance person at our hotel recommended we try The Lazy Susan Café for breakfast. We couldn’t have been happier.

Turns out, our local contact was spot on: The Lazy Susan was also highly rated by social media contributors.

The large, but manageable, menu

The café, in the heart of downtown Cannon Beach, is located in The Coaster Square next to the Coaster Theater. It’s not upscale but very nice, with seating on two levels. Situated in an older building, the rooms are small and contribute to a more intimate feel.

Service was excellent, with our server bringing water immediately, coffee shortly thereafter, and quickly returning to take our order.

Food is freshly prepared in the restaurant’s open kitchen. I always appreciate an open kitchen because it shows transparency, to use today’s buzzword. It exhibits the establishment’s confidence in its staff, its procedures and its cleanliness, because they’re all on display for anyone and everyone to see.

We ordered a Marionberry scone to nibble as we waited for our main course. It was delicious … and huge! We split it and neither of us felt cheated.

One half of a Marionberry scone

Given the practice of U.S. restaurants serving portions large enough to gorge an average gorilla, we often split entrées, and that’s what we did with our omelet with home fries and an English muffin.

The home fries and muffin were fine but the omelet, the star of the show, really showcased the restaurant’s creativity. Their daily special, it was stuffed with carmelized sweet onions, bits of apple, local cheese applied with a deft hand (that it to say, NOT drowning in cheese) and bits of ham. Delectable!

Omelet of the day with home fries and English muffin

Top that off with rich coffee that was not typical diner fare, and we were ready to face the day.

Expect modest waits, especially during the busier summer months, though the gentleman who recommended it to us said they are always busy. Based on our experience, I can understand why.

If you’re a breakfast lover like we are, don’t miss The Lazy Susan Café.

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