TheTravelPro offers travel guides to worldwide destinations

Most travel guide books are encyclopedic in their approach: they tell a traveler everything they might ever want to know about their chosen destination. But their thoroughness can also make them as exciting and intimidating to read as an encyclopedia.

TheTravelPro’s guides take a different approach.

If you asked a well-traveled friend for recommendations at a destination s/he has visited, that friend would likely offer up several “must-do” or “must-see” attractions along with tips on the local culture that might not be obvious to a first-time visitor.

I invite you to think of TheTravelPro as that well-traveled friend as you peruse any or all of these guides to several of my favorite destinations.

Legendary surfer and Olympic champion Duke Kahanamoku statue on Honolulu beach
Duke Kahanamoku statue
Making the Most of Maui

Oahu for Foodies

Making the Most of München

Two Days in Frankfurt

Making the Most of Dubai

Making the Most of Auckland, New Zealand

Making the Most of Christchurch, New Zealand

Making the Most of Montréal

These guides contain a personally curated list of attractions and activities with the intent of providing the framework for an excellent first-time visit. They do not attempt to tell you everything you might possibly want to know but rather endeavor to hit the high points while leaving room for your own personal discoveries.

After all, that is what much of the joy of travel is all about.

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Photo by Carl Dombek
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