What makes a great hotel for business travelers?

By Chloe Ravat

Jetting across the world on the company account can be an exhilarating experience for even the most experienced of business travelers. Who wouldn’t want to visit cities all over the globe, experience different cuisines and cultures, all whilst getting paid to do so?

Bath at Hotel München Palace
Staying in beautiful hotels can be one of the major pleasures of travelling for business. From waking up in a soft, downy bed to floating in a peaceful, azure swimming pool before an important meeting; the luxuries of a hotel can be hard to beat.

This pleasure can become more of a stress-inducing chore, however, when your accommodation proves less than satisfactory. As a business traveler, some hotel features are essential in ensuring your stay is comfortable, and you arrive at your meetings properly refreshed.

Often, these features are more important than the level of luxury the hotel provides, with plug outlets proving infinitely more useful than expensive complimentary soap. Below are all the essentials to check for when booking a hotel, to make sure that your business trip is as comfortable as it is exciting.

Early Check-In

There’s nothing worse than landing in a new city at the crack of dawn, your body struggling to adjust to a changing time zone, only to find that your hotel doesn’t allow you to check in until 4 p.m. If anyone has experienced wandering around a foreign city, luggage in tow, like an extremely confused nomad in a crumpled suit, they’ll know that a hotel offering early check-in can be a life-saver. Nothing is more wonderful than getting a taxi straight to your hotel and falling into the soft embrace of a freshly changed bed to catch a few moments of sleep before an important meeting.

Good Night’s Sleep

Amenities kit at The Langham, Auckland
The ability to catch up on sleep no matter what time or day may be one of the most important skills for a business traveler. Moving between different time zones can be taxing on the body, especially when you have to keep up with work in between, and any chance to catch up is always gratefully welcomed.

This means that a comfortable bed, proper soundproofing and thick curtains that completely block out unwelcome sunlight are essential features of a great hotel for business travel. No one wants an attack of uncontrollable yawning in the middle of an important business presentation because the occupants of room 401 were drunkenly arguing at 3 a.m.

Guest Services

Complimentary shower gel and an unlimited supply of towels are usually a given in the majority of hotels. It is the extra services, however, that make the distinction between a good hotel and a hotel that is great for business travelers. A forgotten toothbrush or razor, a crumpled shirt, or a struggle to find transportation can all spell disaster when you are meeting an important business contact in a foreign country.

Hotels that are generously equipped to provide complimentary bathroom supplies, an iron or full laundry service, and are supported by a helpful concierge can be the difference between securing a big deal and a fruitless trip.

Gym at the Park Hotel, Amsterdam

It can often be hard to take care of yourself when you are traveling for business and rely on snatched moments of free time to keep up with your exercise regime.

A hotel gym can be incredibly helpful in this situation, allowing you to let off steam on the treadmill before a meeting, or relax in the pool to unwind from a long day. Gyms that are open 24 hours a day are particularly good, preventing unsociable business hours from appearing on your waistline.

Work Station

Business travelers often find themselves working long hours, making a hotel work station an invaluable asset. The best will include a desk, comfortable chair and a plethora of plug sockets to charge all of your devices. Many hotels are now starting to offer free Wi-Fi, either to all customers or those with loyalty cards, and this service is essential in a world in which most jobs require some element of online support. Wi-Fi means you can keep your boss updated, meet those tight deadlines, and still video call your children before they go to bed.

Good Travel Connections

InterCity Express train, München
A hotel that can be easily reached from major airports, rails services and local landmarks can take all of the stress out of business travel, allowing you to fully focus on your work.

Whether you are meeting a valued business connection, attending a seminar, or simply meeting colleagues for a meal, you’ll be grateful for good transportation links and a helpful concierge.

Loyalty Points

More important than low prices, loyalty points can ensure that your company is rewarded for continued custom. Some loyalty plans offer guests free spa treatments, late check outs and room upgrades, while others offer a ladder program where companies can save for larger rewards. Benefits such as assured room availability can also make all the difference, both before and during a business trip.

This post was originally written by Chloe Ravat, Marketing Communications Manager at PartnerPlusBenefit, a loyalty rewards program for business passengers aboard 10 of the world’s leading airlines.

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Photos by Carl Dombek
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