Air France launches new ad campaign and signature

Air France on April 2 unveiled its new advertising campaign as well as a new signature to replace the tag line in use for the past 15 years.

The effort, called Air France: France is in the Air, will focus on advertising visuals illustrating the airline’s services, augmented by images of iconic destinations served by Air France. It will be used to across all media to promote the airline in the printed press in 12 countries including France, Germany, Canada, the United States, and others.

Image promoting Business Class seating
Created by advertising agency BETC, the new campaign consists of six images illustrating the airline’s services, including the AirbusA380, the new La Premiére cabin, the new Business cabin, its cuisine, and other features. The images of the features are supplemented by a dozen additional images depicting iconic destinations served by Air France, including Paris, New York, Brazil, China, Japan, Africa, Italy, and others.

The new campaign continues Air France’s long-standing legacy as a renowned poster specialist, and the visuals, created by the Argentine photographers Sofia & Mauro, create a mix of heritage and modernity consistent with the airline’s artistic past.

“The airline’s eminently French character and the notion of the pleasure of traveling with Air France are illustrated in a fun, lively and exciting message, in line with the French lifestyle,” the airline said in a statement announcing the campaign, proclaiming, “The bright and offbeat tone creates a form of affinity and proximity with the public.”

Promoting the airline's haute cuisine
The title of the advertising campaign will also become Air France’s new signature, ending the 15-year run of Making the sky the best place on earth.

“In English, [the signature] illustrates France’s openness and internationality and highlights the positive universal values associated with France: the art of living, a French spirit, luxury brands and Michelin-starred chefs who are popular in France and abroad,” the airline continued. “This new signature reinforces Air France’s customer promise to enjoy a little piece of France while traveling with the airline.”

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Photos by BETC; published courtesy Air France
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