Emirates offers U.S. travelers special summer fares

Emirates Airline is offering special summer fares to Africa, Asia, the Middle East and India to U.S. travelers who book by June 14.

The special economy class fares, which are available via www.emirates.com/us, are for travel before July 24. Emirates serves over 130 destinations world-wide, including Hong Kong, India, Egypt and, of course, the United Arab Emirates.

Savings will vary by U.S departure city, destination, and date, an Emirates spokesperson confirmed to me in an e-mail. In general, savings to Dubai are less than the savings to destinations in India and Africa.

However, with over 130 destinations world-wide and a network across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and India, Emirates can take passengers to destinations as varied as the lively metropolis of Hong Kong, the historic charm of India, across the exotic African landscape or the timeless sands of Egypt, the airline said in its statement announcing the sale.

While I have not yet had the opportunity to fly Emirates, I experienced their high-end hospitality and gracious top-flight service at the celebration of the airline’s first flight from Dubai (DXB) to Seattle’s SeaTac (SEA) airport on March 1, 2012. Click here to read the post.

If that experience was any indication, I don’t doubt it for a moment when the press materials say, “The journey begins from the moment you board the aircraft and experience the airline’s award-winning service. From multi-course meals and over 1,500 channels of on-demand entertainment in every cabin, flying Emirates becomes part of the vacation, not just a means of getting to your destination.”

The sale notwithstanding, travelers who have some flexibility will realize even greater savings if they’re able to delay their trip until the early fall.

“Due to seasonality, flights in September and October are lower” than flights in summer. the spokesperson told me in an e-mail. Flight farther out can cost even less.

Using my home airport, SEA, as my starting point, I obtained information about round-trip fares to DXB for travel before the July 24 cut-off date for the specials, and for flights in September, October, and November.

The fare for my example economy round-trip leaving July 13 and returning July 20 – during the effective period for the special – was $2,271.10. Using the same departure and destination points, round-trip tickets cost $1,646.10 for flights in September and October, and $1,442.10. Of course, that presupposes the flexibility to delay your travels.

If you have that flexibility, be sure to take the weather into consideration when making your plans. According to www.Weather.com, the average high temperatures in Dubai in July and August are 103°F, while September’s average is 100°F and October 93°F. By November, however, daily high temperatures average a very pleasant 86°F.

Emirates asks, “Where is your dream destination?” With Emirates’ summer deals, the world is open.

For more information, visit the Emirates special web page here.

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