FIFE, WA: Pick-Quick Burgers

If you're looking for a great burger, a little drive-up in Fife has what USA Today pronounced "The best burger in Washington."

I learned about the Pick-Quick drive-in in Fife in late November just days before it was to close for its annual two-month hiatus, so I hurried out one overcast Monday to see what the fuss was about.

Pick-Quick has been a fixture at 4306 Pacific Highway East for some time and my first bite of the double burger with cheese helped me understand why. It was moist and juicy, the way a burger should be. (By the way, the "double" is only a quarter pound of meat before cooking, so don't be overly intimidated.) And the folks behind the counter kept the mayo and onions off as I'd requested.

The fries were underwhelming. They were hot and came with plenty of ketchup but weren't nearly crisp enough; in fact, I'd call them downright soggy. But the burger...

This location of Pick-Quick, the original, offers no inside dining. There are numerous picnic tables set up on the grass for use when the weather is good. And there's always the inside of your car.

A second location in Auburn, Wa., does offer inside seating. But it's not the same.

Pick-Quick is closed each December and January. But come February 1, they'll be back, as will the lines. And I'll be in one of them!

RECOMMENDATION: Well worth a visit.

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Photos by Carl Dombek
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