CHICAGO: Cinnamon Rolls As Big As Your Head

One of my modest pleasures is recommending restaurants I think friends or colleagues will enjoy. So, when I learned that the daughter of friends was attending college in Chicago, I had to recommend breakfast at Ann Sather.

Ann Sather is the quintessential Chicago neighborhood restaurant. Located about a block from the Belmont Ave. El stop, Ann Sather is not at all fancy; they focus instead on offering Swedish comfort food. Mounds and mounds of it.

The restaurant is noisy, bustling, and full of life. Specialties include yummy, freshly-baked cinnamon rolls big enough to be a meal by themselves, paper-thin Swedish pancakes with lingonberry spread, potato sausages, several variations on the classic Eggs Benedict, numerous omelets including a smoked salmon and dill offering – the list goes on.

While there are a total of four locations in the Windy City, we’ve been to the location at 909 W. Belmont Avenue. That’s the location our friend visited, then raved about when next we saw her. We were not at all surprised. My wife and I have taken our adult children a couple of times, enjoyed it thoroughly, and left stuffed to the gills every time.

If you’re looking for a place “where the locals go,” I highly recommend Ann Sather.

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