Emirates may have discovered a new tag line in second Jennifer Aniston commercial

A year after her first commercial touting U.A.E.-based Emirates and its A380 aircraft, award-winning actress Jennifer Aniston reprises her role as the carrier's spokesperson in a new, family-oriented TV commercial.

Her first television commercial debuted in early Oct. 2015 and took a tack not usually seen within the normally staid airline industry: humor.

Emirates First Class closed suite
That commercial opened with Aniston looking frantically for the onboard shower and lounge but being mocked and ridiculed by the cabin crew, whom she finds in their natural habitat: cloistered behind the closed curtain of the aircraft galley and talking among themselves. Isn’t that usually where we find them when we need them?

The latest commercial runs 90 seconds, which is practically a novella in today's environment of ever-shrinking attention spans. It opens with a brief cameo of the shower before introducing us to a fellow passenger: a young lad who found his way from his economy class seat, which is on the A380's lower deck, to Aniston's First-Class suite, which is on the upper deck.

At the time the first video was unveiled, Emirates disclosed that it had spent $20 million to date to secure air time for the spot around the world. No doubt it has spent considerably more since then.

Various sources commented that Aniston’s comedic timing made the first spot work (which it did) and that it is also a self-deprecating look at her own luxe lifestyle (which it may have been). This time, she lets her natural girl-next-door warmth - her "Mary Ann" quality - shine through, showing another side of the talented actor.

Especially touching - and somewhat ironic given the nature of numerous tabloid headlines about Aniston - is the way she settles in and interacts with the boy and his sister, showing them around Emirates award-winning ICE in-flight entertainment system.

Born in 1969, Aniston is mature enough to be believable is her role as a high-flier, even if she were not a highly paid actor. And, as attractive as she is, her approachability will no doubt serve Emirates well as long as she serves as the face of the airline.

Finally, Emirates may have inadvertently (or perhaps deliberately) introduced a new tag line.

If it has not occurred to the airline's higher-ups, may I suggest replacing the cryptic and somewhat confusing "Hello Tomorrow" positioning statement with Aniston's last line: It's so nice up here.

Having had the privilege of flying the A380 in the year since the first commercial made its debut and experiencing Emirates' award-winning service on other aircraft as well, I can say without hesitation or reservation, "Yes, it is!"

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Photo by Carl Dombek
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