VIENNA, Austria: Kanzleramt Beisl-Restaurant

Following our tour of the Spanish Riding School to see the Lipizzaner stallions, we were hungry but looking for something more refined and sedate than many of the take-away stands in central Vienna. Kanzleramt looked promising, so in we went.

Exterior sign beckoning diners

We were seated inside immediately (our choice; the weather was certainly nice enough to enjoy an outside table), offered a beverage (we chose an Austrian Riesling; trocken, or dry) and bottled water. After perusing the menu for but a few moments, we settled on Wiener schnitzel. We'd seen the huge portion served to other tables and decided to split one. Served with a side of German-style potato salad, it was plenty.

Huge portion, easily enough to share

I'd never had Wiener schnitzel before, though I knew some places sell a pork cutlet which they call Wiener schnitzel. Kanzleramt had both on the menu, so we knew we were getting the one made of veal and not some pretender to the title. Otherwise, though, I wasn't 100% sure what to expect. When it arrived, my wife and I doused our portions with fresh lemon juice, then cut into the tenderest, crispiest entree we could possibly imagine.

Dine outside when the weather is nice
Perhaps because of its location in a heavily touristed area, our server checked back more often than we've come to expect in Europe, where meals are more social events than the refueling stops in the U.S. and Canada. Still, we didn't feel rushed and were able to resume our wanderings promptly, well satisfied by our delightful sit-down lunch in the midst of Vienna's frenetic old town, for the very modest price of €50 including tip.

Highly recommended!

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Photos by Carl Dombek
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