MONDAY MIRTH: Viking Cruises Expands Travel Offerings

Viking Cruises -- which offers river, ocean and expedition cruises -- has expanded its offerings and is now offering Guilt Trips.  

The Viking Sky Ocean Cruise Ship

I have never taken a Viking cruise and yet somehow I got on Viking's email list and began receiving at least one marketing email Every. Single. Day. Over the weekend, I decided to unsubscribe and that's when I discovered Viking's newest offering.

Here's a screen shot of the "Update my preferences" page:

Given that the average Viking passenger is mature and well-heeled, I am surprised that it decided to take this juvenille approach to those who choose to unsubscribe.

No, not wanting to be pelted with a continuous stream of emails does not equate to "no longer (being) interested in travel." It just means that I don't want to see your emails on a daily basis. When we are ready to book a cruise, we know where to find you.

We now return you to your normal programming.

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Photo provided by Viking Cruises
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