BANDON, ORE. - The Minute Café

Here I go again: a restaurant review based on a single visit. But based on that single visit, I would definitely return to the Minute Café.

No, it’s not upscale. It’s a throw-back to a simpler time where the food and conversation were the thing, and the only ambience was the waitresses (no, NOT “servers”) calling everyone “Hon.” That’s the vibe we found at the Minute Café when we popped in for breakfast.

The place has about 60 seats at tables, plus another eight or so at the counter. Tables and the counter have definitely seen better days, but they’re kept clean, which is what matters more.

Getting there about 9:15, it was still pretty busy with regulars mixing with tourists. The staff did a great job of seating us quickly, bringing our coffee, taking our order, and making sure our coffee cups stayed filled as we waited for our breakfast to be cooked.

Pork chops, scrambled eggs and grits. Yummy!

There’s a sign on the wall telling patrons that the Minute Café is family owned and prides itself on food that’s cooked fresh to order. That means nothing is precooked, so you might have to wait a little while longer, and “Your patience is appreciated.”

For us, our pork chop and egg breakfast was worth the wait. For $10.95, we got two lightly breaded pork chops, two scrambled eggs, a side of grits (though home fries or hash browns were also options), and rye toast.

Although thinner than the chops I barbecue, these were not overcooked the way our mothers used to make. They were still moist and tender, as were the eggs. The grits were quite good considering how far Bandon is from the South, where grits are a staple. And rye toast made the meal for us.

The only criticism was the coffee, which was typical, weak diner fare.

Service was pleasant, with everyone looking after all the guests. No, “Sorry, it’s not my table” here. So … convenient, fresh, inexpensive, and tasty. How much more could you ask for?

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Photo by Carl Dombek
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