ANA unveils A380s for Japan-Hawaii service

Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) has revealed the features of the three Airbus A380s it will place into service on the Tokyo-Honolulu route next year.

The planes, which are Japan’s first A380s, are specially designed both inside and out to reflect the needs and wants of travelers headed to Hawaii.

ANA A380s over Oahu
“Honolulu is loved by many Japanese families, couples, newlyweds, and Hawaii is a popular destination for their vacations and honeymoons,” the airline said in a statement announcing the new design elements. “With this in mind, ANA aims to make their experience onboard more comfortable by strategically designing the cabin features in order to meet their unique needs while providing them with a once in a lifetime experience.

Outside, the planes will sport three different liveries, each designed to reflect an element of their U.S. destination. Together, the designs are called the Flying Honu. A blue motif as homage to the Hawaiian sky will feature a character named Lani, which means sky. An emerald green character named Kai, which means ocean, and an orange character named Ka La, which is from the Hawaiian word for sunset, round out the trio.

Inside, the planes are configured to accommodate a range of needs for passengers of all ages.

The upper deck will feature eight First Class suites, 56 Business Class seats and 73 Premium Economy seat. The lower deck will have 383 Economy Class seats. All classes will have access to bar counters.

ANA A380 Couch Seats
The lower deck’s economy section includes 60 couch seats, which are the first to be offered by a Japanese airline. Each couch is comprised of either three or four seats that have extendable leg rests that can be raised to the level of the seat cushions, providing extra width for passengers to lie down or stretch out. Passengers in the couch seats will also be provided with a mattress to make the seating that much more comfortable.

At the rear of the lower deck, the planes have a multi-purpose room, in which parents will be able to tend to their babies and passengers will be able to change before arriving at their destination.

Aircraft interiors have been designed to project the spirit of Hawaii. The walls and lights evoke impressions of Hawaii’s blue skies, sunrises, sunsets, night skies and iconic rainbows.

While the exact date has not been disclosed, the carrier says the planes will enter service in the spring of 2019.

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Photos provided by ANA
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