TheTravelPro refines its focus

Since commencing publication in 2008, TheTravelPro has published over 1,400 articles ranging from travel news and commentaries to hotel, restaurant and cruise reviews to extensive guides to cities we have visited. It is now time to refine the focus.

The upgraded TheTravelPro will focus on original articles providing first-person perspectives on real-life experiences at hotels, restaurants, attractions, airline flights, cruises, and new destinations.

The beach at Pelican Cove, St. Croix
While I will write the majority of these articles – sometimes in collaboration with my wife/editor-in-chief – TheTravelPro will also occasionally publish guest articles from fellow travel writers, as well as guest commentary on various aspects of the travel industry.

TheTravelPro will continue to report news about how travel providers are rated, such as the Gervois Hotel Rating, the annual SKYTRAX World Airline Awards and others. However, reporting of most day-to-day travel news will be left to those mainstream and social media outlets that already cover such news unless there is a particular point of view to share.

As in the past, I will not simply republish news releases sent by various travel providers unless there is something to add or a different perspective that should be offered.

Although I spent much of my career as a journalist and still bring my journalistic discipline to the publishing of TheTravelPro, I will no longer commit to publishing on a daily basis. Instead, I will let events dictate the frequency of publication.

My point of view

When I travel, I prefer refined, gracious experiences and have traveled enough to know that dedicated hosts can provide that type of experience at all price points. As do many experienced travelers, I also know that paying a premium price does not guarantee a premium experience. Therefore, refined and gracious experiences at all levels will be what I will seek out and write about.

It’s a big world out there, with much to be seen and experienced. I hope you will continue to come along.

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Photo by Carl Dombek
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