SARASOTA, Fla. - Sunnyside Cafe

I will admit it up front: I am a breakfast snob. So when I discovered Sunnyside Cafe, I was ecstatic!

Why so few restaurants do a decent job of this basic meal is beyond me. So when I discovered the Sunnyside Cafe, I was super pumped. Adding to that was the fact that my hotel was hosting several kids' soccer teams, in town for a tourney, so the provided breakfast was literally overrun with squealing teens and tweens. Much too much for me that early in the morning.

So off I went to Sunnyside Cafe.

Steak and eggs at Sunnyside Cafe

I was there around 7:30 -- not all that early on a Saturday -- but the place was pretty much empty. I was greeted immediately, seated, and brought coffee as requested.

My server told me about the daily special but the steak and eggs got my attention. In addition to being one of my favorite breakfasts, they offered a modest 4 oz. cut as well as an 8 oz. cut. Four would be perfect!

It came with two eggs, toast and a Hungarian style potato pancake -- similar to the German style, but thicker. Equally tasty, it came with either applesauce or, my favorite, sour cream.

Finally, there was a little salad on the plate with a bit of what I believe was balsamic dressing. Who DOES that at breakfast? These folks do, and it was great. Very classy presentation, and tasty, too. Out the door, not stuffed but well satisfied, for $12.50 plus tip.

Two things to note: the coffee was "church coffee"; too weak for my taste, so I'd avoid that if you're a coffee lover. Second, if you're driving north on the Tamiami Trail, bushes partially cover the Sunnyside sign, which shares a pole with the Oakridge Apartments next door. The apartment sign is on top, so look for it, and you'll be in the right place.

Enjoy! I did.

Photo by Carl Dombek

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