Best and worst countries for internet connectivity

Traveling internationally this summer? A new report details which countries have the best - and the worst - Wi-Fi and internet connectivity, and the results may surprise you.

In 2017, connectivity is crucial in our connected society. Many of us have come to take robust connectivity for granted at home, at the office and while traveling. But, perhaps surprisingly, many countries provide public Wi-Fi that is considerably more robust than what is available in the U.S. and Canada.

Ooma, a leading Internet-based communications hub that lets users make calls overseas via Wi-Fi, has compiled a detailed report to help Wi-Fi-loving, or Wi-Fi-dependent, travelers choose their destinations wisely.

For its report, the company measured the average download speeds in megabits per second (Mpbs) for public Wi-Fi and for internet connections in general. Here's what the company found.

Top 20 countries with the fastest public Wi-Fi
  1. Lithuania (15.4 Mbps)
  2. Croatia (14.05 Mbps)
  3. Estonia (13.75 Mbps)
  4. Ireland (11.43 Mbps)
  5. Romania (11.32 Mbps)
  6. United Kingdom (10.97 Mbps)
  7. Denmark (10.52 Mbps)
  8. Hungary (10.37 Mbps)
  9. Belgium (10.07 Mbps)
  10. Slovenia (9.72 Mbps)
  11. Bulgaria (9.67 Mbps)
  12. Singapore (9.49 Mbps)
  13. Finland (8.69 Mbps)
  14. Switzerland (8.67 Mbps)
  15. Latvia (8.46 Mbps)
  16. Germany (7.96 Mbps)
  17. Sweden (7.90 Mbps)
  18. Portugal (7.43 Mbps)
  19. Canada (7.16 Mbps)
  20. U.S.A. (6.89 Mbps)
With an average connection speed at 6.1 megabits per second (MBPS), Ooma also found the countries with the fastest and slowest connection speeds overall among both private and public providers.

Top five countries with the fastest overall internet connection speeds
  1. South Korea
  2. Norway
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Sweden
  5. Switzerland
The five countries with the slowest overall internet connection speeds, ranked from slowest
  1. Venezuela
  2. Paraguay
  3. Namibia
  4. Bolivia
  5. Nigeria
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Inforgraphic provided by Ooma
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