It's Fat Tuesday; come to Mardi Gras viurtually

Ever wanted to attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Or wanted confirmation that your decision to avoid it is the right one? Either way, a company that specializes in webcam content is making it possible to see what goes on at what is arguably one of the world’s most famous parties.

Bourbon Street at night
With the height of the action taking place on Fat Tuesday, Feb. 9, virtual visitors can already experience the sights and sounds of the Big Easy. By logging on to EarthCam’s New Orleans Mardi Gras page, web visitors can bop along Bourbon Street, witness the action from the balcony of karaoke club The Cat’s Meow, peek inside the club and watch the karaoke stage or select an interactive panorama of the debauchery. Uh, party.

St. Louis Cathedral
“If you can’t be there in person, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out,” a company representative said in an email to TheTravelPro advising that its cameras were live-streaming a small portion of the city-wide event. All of its cameras are located in The French Quarter and view the area around the intersection of Bourbon Street and St. Peter Street.

There is a modest price to be paid for this voyeurism: commercials. Not many, but viewers will be forced to sit through the occasional ad. (Hey, somebody has to pay the bills.) Whether you want to preview the action you hope to attend in person some day or just want to observe, EarthCam’s webcam views of the action are great fun.

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Photos by Carl Dombek
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