The Rugby World Cup: at what cost?

The first match of the Rugby World Cup is a little more than a week away and fans the world over are planning to converge on the United Kingdom to take in at least a few of the 48 matches. But for those avid (dare I say, “rabid”?) fans who intend to be there from start to finish, it will take a pretty penny, even for those on a budget.

GoEuro, the travel search engine that compares and combines coach, train and flight tickets, set out to determine how much a fan of the U.S. team intent on seeing all 48 matches will spend to achieve that dream.

Using its own accommodation, transport and beer price indexes, the company found that dedicated fans wanting to splurge on their Rugby World Cup experience can spend up to $25,346 on tickets, accommodation, flights to get to the U.K., food and beverage, flights getting to London and transportation within the U.K., as well as on official team merchandise. Less well-heeled fans who still want the full experience but are on a budget can follow their team across the country and into the finals for as little as $5,108.

For the purposes of the comparison, the company used mythical U.S. rugby fans and looked at flights from the U.S. to the U.K. The average price of flights from 10 U.S. gateway cities to London was $904. Of course, Business Class and First Class travel will be considerably higher.

The company also calculated that American supporters will travel 748 miles within the U.K., traveling to and from host cities, spending over 11 hours and 56 minutes on trains and over 21 hours and 7 minutes travelling by coach.

Ticket to the matches ranged from $683 for Category D seats to $2,752 for Category A seats. Those totals include four preliminary matches, the Quarter Final, Semi-Final and Final matches.

Upmarket fans can be expected to spend up to about $12,500 for 42 nights in Five-Star hotels while budget travelers who opt for hostels and shared accommodations can get away for less than $1,200.

Dining out three meals a day for 43 days is expected to range from $6,200 for champagne lunches and gourmet dinners to around $1,900 per person for those who opt for quick meals and beer at the local pub.

The well-to-do can expect to spend an additional $2,500 spent on inner-city taxis to ferry fans to each game in style. By comparison, budget-minded fans will spend $315 on inner-city transport on match days and for the duration of the tournament.

Team merchandise expenditures will also vary, from a high of $260 for official home and away RWC jerseys, scarf and cap to $30 for an unofficial T-shirt.

More details on the expected expenditures, along with the U.S. team’s match schedule (pronounced “SHED-u-el” in British) can be accessed at GoEuro’s web site.

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