ANA to upgrade domestic economy seating

Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) has teamed up with Toyota Boshoku Corporation, a manufacturer of automobile interiors and seating, to develop new economy class seats for its Boeing 767 (NYSE:BA) aircraft that fly the airline’s domestic routes within Japan.

“The project brought together ANA’s experience and expertise in the aviation sector, with Toyota Boshoku’s high-quality craftsmanship and manufacturing capabilities, which have been refined over decades of experience providing seats for a variety of Toyota’s automobile lines,” ANA said in a statement announcing the project. “The result is a passenger aircraft seat that will leave customers a lasting impression of ANA’s commitment to quality, value and comfort.” The collaboration marks the first time for Toyota Boshoku to be involved in the development and manufacturing of aircraft seats.

New seats for 767-300s on domestic routes
The new seats, which the airline says are an outgrowth of its “continued commitment to quality and comfort,” will be introduced on domestic flights in June of this year. By fiscal 2016, ANA plans to have installed a total of 1,560 seats across six Boeing 767-300 aircraft that operate within Japan's borders.

New seats, which will be installed in a two-three-two configuration, will be 17.5 inches wide and offer a pitch (distance from the back of one seat to the back of the seat in front) of 31 inches. While those dimensions are not uncommon in the economy sections of U.S. airliners, ANA’s domestic 767s currently offer seats that are 17 inches wide according to, so the new seats offer a bit more hip room.

In addition, the new seats were ergonomically developed for comfort across a wide range of body sizes and types, based on Toyota Boshoku’s experience designing seats for customers around the world, which included compact, luxury and racing cars, the carrier said. The seats are structured to limit muscle fatigue around the hip and maintain a relaxing posture by firmly supporting the pelvis. The height, length and angle of the seats and backrests were designed to evenly distribute pressure on the body and accommodate any body type.

ANA’s 767-300s that fly international routes will continue to have economy class seats that are 18.6 inches wide, an airline representative told TheTravelPro in an email.

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