Upmarket travel on a budget? Yes, you can!

Upmarket travel doesn’t necessarily mean busting the budget or breaking the bank. In large measure, it depends on where and when you choose to travel. With that in mind, the people at accommodation search engine AllTheRooms.com have compiled a list of top budget-friendly vacation spots, many of which include upmarket offerings at bargain prices.

“Some might intrigue you and others might surprise you, but these all give great value for your next trip,” Joseph DiTomaso, co-founder and CEO of AllTheRooms told TheTravelPro in an email. Check out the list for yourself.

Travelers based in the south Pacific already know Bali well, but it's reputation as a beach hot spot is now going global. There are luxury resorts that offer incredibly reasonable rates, starting as low as US$25 per night, as well as affordable beachfront hostels from $10 per night. Quite the bargain compared to other popular beach destinations.

Arguably the most exotic and safe mainstream city in Asia, Shanghai is also one of the most popular with tourists and, for a major city, is especially budget-friendly. AllTheRooms reports four-star hotels with rates averaging $35 per night, and notes that meals and entertainment are equally economical.  

South Africa
Photo courtesy South Africa Tourism
Travelers to South Africa can experience much of what the entire continent has to offer within the borders of this one country, and often at bargain rates. AllTheRooms reports four-star hotels in Cape Town and Johannesburg offering rooms starting as low as $40 per night. At present, the currency exchange rate is quite favorable, with one U.S. dollar buying more than 11 South African Rand (ZAR).

Already popular with Europeans, Turkey is growing as a holiday destination. The country offers a variety of activities from the historic ruins to the sights of Istanbul to the gorgeous beaches along the Mediterranean, often at prices that are quite affordable. A deluxe room, even on the Riviera, can be had for between $30 and $50 per night. A U.S. dollar is worth well over $2 Turkish Lira currently.

Although Corfu, one of seven in the Ionian Islands, is very popular during the summer months, the rates remain reasonable. A deluxe apartment overlooking the Mediterranean can be rented for as little as $50 per night - a fraction of the cost of more popular hotspots including Santorini and Mykonos.

Travelers who want to stay closer to home also have options for upmarket travel at budget prices.

Even though Mexico is one of the more popular vacation spots for U.S. travelers, there is plenty of competition for American dollars and bargains as a result. While beachfront resorts are on the more expensive side, four-star hotels just a couple blocks inland can be found for as little as $45 per night.

Costa Rica
A popular destination for sun-seekers, Costa Rica offers a wide range of activities, from ziplining through a rainforest, scuba diving and snorkeling the reefs, or touring the cities. A four-star hotel in popular Tamarindo can be rented for as little as $75 per night. A two-bedroom villa near the beach can be had for the same price.

Puerto Rico
Recently voted Best U.S. Island by readers of USA Today, vacationers can visit this Caribbean destination and leave their passport at home. While many use the island, which is a U.S. territory, as jumping off point to other Caribbean destinations, Puerto Rico offers the same weather, beautiful beaches … and affordable rates. A plush vacation rental near the ocean starts at $55/night, and luxury beachfront resorts start at $120, according to the company.

Even those who choose to stay Stateside can enjoy luxury for little.

Myrtle Beach
Surf pounding the Atlantic Coast
Photo by Carl Dombek

A fabulous summer destination, Myrtle Beach offers 60 miles of beaches, a variety of golf courses, the beach boardwalk and great nightlife. Although it is not as popular a destination as it was 10 or 20 years ago, it is once again regaining popularity and was voted the 2014 Number One Summer Destination by readers of TripAdvisor. Before the area's renaissance spreads far and wide, relative bargains can still be found. An upscale beachfront resort will cost a little over $100 in peak season, but a deluxe condo overlooking the ocean can be had for as little as $50 per night.

Although a very popular destination, bargains can nonetheless be found in Orlando, especially in the summer. Warm seasonal temperatures mean fewer people visiting than, say, over the Christmas holidays or spring break, and the parks tend to offers package discounts. The company reports four-star hotels in Downtown Disney from $60 per night. Alternatively, a deluxe four-bedroom home just minutes from the park can be rented from $50 per night.

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