UPDATE: Asiana Airlines 777 crashes on landing at SFO

An Asiana Airlines 777 from Seoul’s Incheon International Airport (ICN) crashed on landing at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Saturday, July 6, killing two people and leaving several injured.

While the cause of the crash of Flight 214 likely won't be determined for months or perhaps even years, USAToday initially reported the crew apparently knew they had a problem as the plane, a Boeing 777 like the one pictured here, approached the airport.

A recording of the airport's air-traffic controllers provided by FlightAware.com, a website that tracks flights, had the controllers assuring the crew that "emergency vehicles are responding. We have everyone on their way."

Early speculation centered on a problem with the airliner’s tail section, but quickly turned to the flight crew when it was learned that one of the crew, though a highly experienced pilot, was relatively new to the 777.

As a pilot with 3,500 hours in my log book, I thought that inexperience in a particular type of aircraft was an unlikely reason for the crash, so I was very pleased when my wife shared this artilce with me (read it here). The author, a commercial pilot. makes some excellent points about the plane, experience, and the mainstream media's rush to judgment.

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