INDIANAPOLIS: Amalfi Restorante - Recommendation Received

Do you ever wonder whether anyone pays attention when you recommend a place to see, stay, or eat?  Today I received confirmation that, at least in some cases, they do!

Well over a year ago, I recommended our favorite Italian restaurant in Indianapolis to a woman I met while on a flight for business.  Today, I received the following e-mail: 

Hi Carl,

I met you on a flight more than a year ago and when we met, you recommended Amalfi Ristorante in Indianapolis.  I wanted you to know that my husband, son and I had dinner there last weekend and it was excellent!  I told Joni and Mario that you recommended their restaurant.  And we also followed your advice and asked for Jonathan to be our waiter.  He, too, was great!! 

Anyway, I thought you might like to know that we followed your advice, and thanks to you, we had a wonderful evening.  I hope this finds you well. 

My best,


Linda, I'm so glad to hear it! 

Buon appetito!

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