FIFE, WA: Warthog Barbeque Pit

My wife and I found Warthog Barbeque Pit one afternoon, thanks to those ubiquitous “Gas, Food, Lodging” signs along I-5.

Hunger pangs were assaulting us as we returned from a shopping trip to Tacoma. The name was intriguing, so we pulled off the highway and almost literally followed our noses. Warthog Barbeque Pit is in an area so heavily industrial that we didn’t expect it to be open on a weekend. We needn’t have worried; its BBQ is so good, regulars flock from far and near to eat there.

Warthog offers slow smoked BBQ sandwiches, entrée meals, and signature burgers as well as salads and soups, so there’s literally something for every carnivore. (OK, the salads can be made sans meat if you insist). Beverages include sodas, bottled water, iced tea, and bottled beer. We’ve enjoyed pulled chicken and sliced, smoked turkey sandwiches, fries, and their mixed green salad with smoked turkey.

The one area I wish they’d improve is their BBQ sauce; they only offer one, it is a bit too sweet for my taste and is also lacking in bite, either from spices or vinegar. It’s not that it’s bad; it’s just that more options would be better.

The interior of the Warthog Barbecue Pit is small, and there are fewer stadium seat cushions than there are seats in the wooden booths. And if you’re offended by the presence of stuffed animals, stay outside if the weather is good (or in the car if it’s not) and have someone else bring your order out to you.

Regardless, if it’s good BBQ you seek, you owe it to yourself to check out the Warthog Barbecue Pit in Fife. It’s worth the trip.


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Photo by Carl Dombek

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