KENT, WA: Wild Wheat Bakery

As the quest for the best breakfast continues, the latest contender is the Wild Wheat Bakery in historic Kent.

Good, local coffee
The Wild Wheat Bakery sits on the corner of 1st Avenue S. and Gowe St., right in the heart of the city’s historic district…and right next to the train tracks. On my first visit, the sudden sound of a train rushing by almost made me drop my coffee, which would have been a shame considering they roast their own at the Wild Wheat Bakery, and it’s quite good!

Entrée items are tasty as well.

Grandma's Cheese Blintzes
On my first visit I had the cheese blintz. Topped with warm fruit compote (and syrup on the side if your sweet tooth requires it), this is true comfort food. The blintz was tender and the cheese filling sweet but not too sweet. I had the half-order – a single blintz – which proved to be more than adequate; I definitely did not leave the table hungry. A full order would have been more than enough to share.

Second time around, I opted for the Eggs Benedict, which the menu description made clear was the bakery’s own take on this breakfast classic. Instead of English muffin, the eggs were served on top of house-baked Swiss peasant bread. In addition, chopped green onions and tomatoes were sprinkled on top of the Hollandaise, making the presentation more colorful.

Eggs Benedict
However, I found the Swiss peasant bread more difficult to cut than an English muffin, and the onions and tomatoes introduced some tastes I thought distracted from – and overpowered – the rest of what is usually a delicate dish. Finally, I thought the Hollandaise sauce needed more lemony punch than it provided. If you’re in the mood for classic Eggs Benedict, this probably won’t hit the spot but it might work for the more adventurous.

The dining room tends to be quite loud. On my first visit I was seated near a large and very vocal party, which no doubt added to the noise level. However, the place was considerably emptier on my second visit but was still pretty noisy. Wild Wheat is probably not the place to go if you’re looking for a quiet little place for breakfast.

Service was quite good on both visits. The wait staff backs each other up, so your coffee cup might be refilled or your order brought to you by someone other than your server; a good thing that usually means slightly quicker service.

Not that Wild Wheat Bakery is a fast-food joint by any means. Linger if you like, but they won’t make you late if you’re on your way to the rest of your day. With many menu items yet to be sampled, I’ll definitely be back. Maybe I’ll see you there!

RECOMMENDATION: Worth a visit.

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Photos by Carl Dombek
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