DOWNSHIFTERS' DIARY: Lessons from the Road

I've learned a number of lessons during our ongoing road trip. Here are a few I thought I'd share.
  • The trunk of a Camry can hold a lot more than you'd think.
  • Sleeping so late that you miss the hotel's included breakfast is probably a fair trade.
  • A binder clip (or a clothes pin if you're old-school) does a wonderful job of keeping the curtains closed and the sun out (see point above).
  • It usually takes both packets of in-room coffee to make anything that even approaches drinkable brew.
  • A nail clipper is a great way to put a notch in the coffee packet so it can be easily opened.
  • A cotton ball stuffed into the water intake can often stop hotel irons from spitting.
  • Canadians may be polite, but drivers in Vancouver are among the rudest I've ever encountered (NYC and LA included!)
  • Laundries that offer "fluff 'n' fold" service are a lifesaver!
I'll add to this list as I think of more lessons from the road. Please check back!

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