TheTravelPro: Refining the Focus

While writing this blog over the last few months, I find I often focus on higher-end restaurants, accommodations, and modes of travel. Not "luxury" exactly, but not "tourist class" either.

Much as I have tried to deny it, I have always had what my mother used to call "champagne taste on a beer budget." But my salad days are behind me and, while I'm not regularly drinking Dom Perignon, I don't find myself limited to Cook's, either.

My preferences are similar when it comes to travel. Because it is what I enjoy and because I don't mind spending a bit more to experience it, I generally choose what I term "upscale" facilities: a Westin over a Four Points or a Hilton over a Hampton Inn, for example. So I'll be focusing most future entries on upscale travel experiences.

I never really enjoyed camping, staying in hostels or Motel 6s; I did my share of that while growing up. I'm over it. "Upmarket" is where I'm most comfortable.

Which is not to say I'll steer clear of "luxury class" accommodations or surroundings but I'm most likely to indulge if I can find a deal (like the Sofitel Hotel at London's Heathrow Airport or the weekend special at Chicago's Ritz-Carlton). So if the right opportunity presents itself, I will gladly visit places like The Willard Intercontinental in Washington, DC or The Savoy Hotel in London.

Overall, I will continue to seek out quality, focusing on establishments that provide good food, wine, entertainment, and accommodations; that offer good value for the dollar; and provide top-notch service.

Certainly, I'll continue to visit some fun, funky, and off-beat places. And there's no denying my love of street food. But the primary focus will be away from the average.

With that in mind, it's back to blogging. I do hope you'll continue to come along.

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