"We Gotta Get Outta This Place" Pt. 1

In my quest to get away and quell my wanderlust, I broke down, called the American Airlines AAdvantage Desk and talked to an actual human. How far the mighty have fallen...

OK, so I'm kidding (a little); the European city to which I am considering traveling can't be booked on line because it requires flying at least part of the way on one (or more) of American's partner airlines.

On the plus side, the agent was very helpful. When I gave her a proposed travel date of October 12, she asked if I was at all flexible "...because it will take fewer miles after October 15." Shoulder season! In fact, a one-way ticket (coach, of course) from Chicago's O'Hare airport to Amsterdam will be only 20,000 miles instead of the 30,000 miles it will cost before the Ides of October.

Sure, it'll be cooler then, but should still be pleasant, and though I haven't booked the trip yet, I'm leaning toward it. I just need to settle on a second city to visit, as I don't think I want to spend a full week in Amsterdam, and I'm sure not going all that way for only 3 or 4 days.

Stay tuned. Suggestions welcome.

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  1. Oh, my question answered here! :) Certainly, try not to spend 4 days in A'dam! There are so much more beautiful and truly Dutch (those of us who do not live in A'dam think that the Dutchness can be found outside the big cities, precisely) places! Try Maastricht - the most beautiful city in the Netherlands. The Hague is also a nice city, more sophisiticated and more international. Try small towns and little villages in the north, in Friesland - they look like The Shire, in the Lord of the Rings :)
    And Belgium is really very close and so beautiful too. Bruges is amazing, Brussels a lot nicer than A'dam.
    If you need ideas, get in touch!! :)

  2. Hello Aledys -

    I'm also a photographer and plan to bring a couple of my cameras along. Hopefully, the weather will allow some decent shots.

    Suggestions welcome!

  3. In which city are you located? It would be interesting to know why/how you chose that city and to see what it has to offer.

  4. Hi Carl,
    I live in Overijssel, a province in the eastern part of the country. I came to live here when I got married; I come originally from Argentina.
    I'll send you an email with details so as not to flood this post with my comments :)


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