Horizon Air - How CIVILIZED!

Horizon Airlines offers its customer complimentary beer and wine. How incredibly civilized!

On Monday, I took a Horizon Air flight from Burbank to Portland. Although the flight was aboard a (cramped) regional jet, the flight could not have been better.

Here's why.

First, Horizon doesn't split hairs when it comes to carry-ons. If it would have fit in the overheads of a full-sizes jet (737, MD-80, etc.), they check it plane-side and return it the same way. No need to wait a half-hour or more at baggage claim when you planned carefully to avoid that inconvenience.

Second, the flight attendants were genuinely helpful. Unlike many who hide in the galley and read their pulp novels once they've slung peanuts at you, the F/As on this flight were accessible throughout the trip.

Third -- and, in my mind, most impressive -- the beverage service included beer or wine. As we were bound for Oregon, the beer was a local craft brew and the wine an Oregon Cabernet. But when I asked how much I owed for the wine, I was shocked to hear, "Nothing, sir. It's complimentary."

My question is simple: If Horizon (and, I suspect, sister airline Alaska) can do this, why do other airlines insist on treating their paying passengers as poorly as they do?

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Photos by Carl Dombek
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