The airlines...ARGH!...again!

Once again, America's airlines have shown why they need to be re-regulated.

On Saturday, I started booking a flight to California to help my sister and brother-in-law celebrate their birthdays and 25th wedding anniversary. The best round-trip fare available was about $315.

HOWEVER... I needed to check with my sis to make sure the travel days in question worked for her.

By the time she got back to me -- less than 24 hours later -- the best fare available was $435. You have GOT to be kidding me! There is NO supportable reason that the best fare went up $120 in 24 hours.

NOTE TO THE AIRLINES: Charge us what you need to charge us. Figure out what it takes to break even at a 70% load factor, divide by the number of seats, and charge that fare. Everything else is pure profit -- and you've shown you are very adept at leaving with, as your F/As say, "EXTREMELY full flights."

If you don't fix this, you WILL face re-regulation as suggested recently by MSNBC columnist Christopher Elliott.

Yikes! U.S. airlines, get it right! After all, to paraphrase American Airlines' slogan, "We ARE why YOU fly..."

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