SACRAMENTO: Larkspur Landing is Lackluster

After a very pleasant experience at the Larkspur Landing hotel in metro Seattle, we were excited to try the Larkspur Landing during our Christmas visit to Sacramento. What a disappointment!

As soon as we arrived, I realized that the facility had previously been a Candlewood Suites, and its age was showing. While well-maintained, the decor was very dated. The older appliances (fridge and A/C unit) were noisy. Worst of all, the facility had poor sound insulation. 

On our first night, we were awakened by the kids in the room above us jumping on the bed. A call to the front desk helped, but it took a full hour before things got quiet enough for us to get back to sleep.

The next night, the kids were under control but the sound of other folks simply walking around - and who can fault them for that? - was quite noticeable.

After two nights of what we'd planned to be a five-night stay, we checked out and moved to the Sheraton Grand in downtown Sac. Vast improvement at a very comparable rate.

The bottom line seems to be that not all Larkspur Landings are created equal.

I've learned my lesson: even if I've enjoyed a sister property in the same hotel family, I won't book without thoroughly checking the reviews on my favorite social networking site.

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