BUDAPEST: 9Bar Specialty Coffee Shop

I always prefer local establishments over chains when I travel, so I was pleased to find 9Bar Specialty Coffee Shop, a delightful little establishment just down the street from our hotel. WHAT a discovery!

9Bar Entrance

Rather than endure the crowds at the €15 per head buffet breakfast at our hotel, we queried the Google Maps app for “coffee shops near me,” then headed about a block up the street to check out 9Bar. It claims to be a fairly new coffee shop with offerings from the ubiquitous espresso to baked goods including rolls, Danish, muffins, and a very generous charcuterie plate.

Inviting interior

Preferring to start our day with protein rather than just carbs, we ordered the charcuterie plate to go with our coffees. It took a bit longer than we expected, so I amused myself by grabbing one of the acoustic guitars on the wall, which are emblazoned with a sticker that said, “Feel free to play,” so I did.

Guests are invited to play these guitars

When the board of meats, cheeses and fresh bread arrived, we were practically overwhelmed. It could have been breakfast for four, not just two, so we made the most of it. We tucked into the board as we enjoyed the friendly vibe of the place, then took about half back to our hotel and stuffed it into the fridge for the next morning. Two meals for the price of one!

VERY generous charcuterie board

The next morning, I went back for two coffees to go with our left-overs. 9Bar charges an extra 50 Forint (HUF; about 17 cents U.S.) for to-go cups, so just be aware. They also give you the option of paying in Euros (which is a more stable currency than the HUF), either with cash or on a card.

They’re open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. most days, and are definitely worth checking out.

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Photos by Carl Dombek
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