SNOHOMISH, Washington: Double Barrel Wine Bar & Lounge

Sometimes, you find the most amazing restaurants in unexpected places. So it was when we took advantage of a sparkling Seattle day to walk around the historic area of the town of Snohomish.

The “historical downtown” as the signs proclaim it has the typical selection of boutique and antique shops, a bakery and several restaurants.

While exploring the town, I commented that I’d like to have lunch some place where the men didn’t wear their baseball caps backward and drop the “F” bomb every other sentence. My wife agreed, but suggested that might be hard to find given the number of pubs and sports bars we’d already passed.

The elegant but understated interior

As lunch time grew nearer, we spotted the Double Barrel Wine Bar about a half block off the main street on Avenue A. We perused the menu in the window and decided a couple of their small plates could be just the thing.

Popping in, we noticed the smooth jazz playing on the sound system. Coupled with the warm, understated atmosphere, we immediately felt at home. We were greeted warmly by Carlene, who invited us to sit wherever we pleased and who came back immediately with water, place settings and menus.

It didn’t take long to decide on the bleu cheese-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, baked brie, and two glasses of Sanvito Montepulciano A’Abruzzo.

Bleu cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates

The rich, luscious dates were complemented perfectly by the Montepulciano, which was medium fullness with very little tannin. The brie, served with two types of crackers, went equally well.

For dessert, our server suggested a chocolate brownie infused with pomegranate and served with a sliced strawberry. It was the perfect balance of sweet and tart. To top things off, she brought us tastings of what she called a “chocolate Port,” which she explained is a port made to go well with chocolate, not one with chocolate notes of its own.

Good food, good service, a pleasant atmosphere and not a baseball cap in sight. What more could we ask for?

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Photos by Carl Dombek
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