Best prime-time rant against the airlines

I'm just starting to watch the Fox series "9-1-1," and was happy to see Angela Bassett's character present what I consider a great commentary on the state of U.S. airlines today.

In Season 1, Episode 4, "Worst Day Ever," Bassett's character, LAPD Sgt. Athena Grant, was called to an aircraft whose passengers were being kept on board following the crash of another plane. Grant asks why an airport police officer was preventing the passengers from deplaning; he said he got a call from the CEO of the airline.

"We got word that no one should exit an inbound aircraft," the airport officer says.

"I see," Grant responds. "You got word. From who?"

"From the CEO of the airline," the airport officer responds.

"Is that a joke?" She says.

"Right now we have no idea what caused that plane to crash," he says, "So until we find out it wasn't terrorism, nobody's getting off this plane."

To which Sgt. Grant responds:

"I-I can hardly believe what I'm hearing. That badge says Los Angeles Airport Police. And now you're telling me you're taking orders from CEOs? A industry whose motto is 'The customer is always the moron'? They make a billion dollars a year on baggage fees, and you're on their side? Your knees pressing against the seat in front of you because they want to add three extra rows, and you're on their side? Five damn peanuts in that bag, and you're on their side? Oh, no, no, no, no. Not today."

Are you LISTENING, airline CEOs?

Frankly, I doubt it.

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