Fun with flying: Turkish Airlines unveils Lego Safety Video

In an effort to capture and keep passengers' attention during those required, but often dull, safety briefings at the beginning of each flight, many airlines have begun using professionally produced videos.

The latest airline to turn to video is Turkish Airlines, which teamed up with Lego to create this video:

The Lego video is the latest, and may also be the tamest, of such productions. While all are family-friendly, some have created controversy, such as those by Russian carrier Aeroflot, and by Air New Zealand. Still others are just plain fun, like the one produced by Virgin America.

Too bad it'll be going away thanks to the airline's acquisition by Alaska Airlines (NYSE:ALK).

Still, they're all more entertaining than having F/As, many of whom never learned to read also, recite the words of a prepared script.

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