DAYTONA BEACH SHORES, Fla. - The Cracked Egg

To me, The Cracked Egg deserves no better than a solid three-star rating.

While I only ate there once during my three weeks in the area, I found the food at The Cracked Egg was pretty decent.

Corned beef hash, eggs, and house-made hotsauces
The house-made corned beef was several notches above Hormel or Mary Kitchen but not the best I've ever had. The over-easy eggs were cooked exactly as ordered, but my plate came out with white toast even though I'd ordered rye. They gladly brought me some rye when I pointed out the mistake.

Why only three stars? Well, the service wasn't that great.

I popped in one morning before the big rush and took a seat at the counter. One server brought me coffee quickly. However, the other two servers walked by me several times without even so much as a "Hi," or "How're you doing?" I was about to leave a couple of bucks for the coffee and find somewhere else when one finally saw that the menu still in front of me and realized that no one had taken my order.

Second, the kitchen was a little off, even though it wasn't all that busy. My server checked her ticket after the toast mishap and confirmed she'd ordered it correctly. And I saw other servers bringing items back to be fixed.

The atmosphere is casual, with '50s and '60s music on, and it can get loud in a fun sort of way.

Prices are pretty reasonable and I'm told it can get very busy, especially on the weekends and during Bike Week, so if you're OK with less-than-stellar service and food mix-ups, you'll like The Cracked Egg just fine.

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Photo by Carl Dombek
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