If you’re going to The Ba-ha-mas…

Long-time friend and occasional contributor to TheTravelPro has shared a ‘must-do’ for travelers who love music or history and plan to be in Nassau, The Bahamas later this month.

Drew writes:

If you're going to be in Nassau, The Bahamas, in late January, put the night of Thursday, Jan. 26 on your calendar. It's the annual Epiphany organ recital by Dr. Sparkman Ferguson, lead organist at Christ Church (Episcopalian) Cathedral.

The Cathedral was founded in 1670 and its current building went up in 1841. It boasts a mind-blowing level of musical ability in its choir (which forms the nucleus of the Highgrove Singers) and guest musicians, as well as Dr. Ferguson, himself.

The recital starts at 7:30 and will feature works by J.S. Bach, Charle-Marie Widor and John Stanley. The following video is Dr. Ferguson playing "Sortie" by Henri Mulet at the 2015 recital.

Drew has contributed articles on Making the Most of Melbourne, Australia, How to Speak Australian and served as scribe for his dog Millie who provided A Dog’s-Eye View of Manzanita, Oregon.

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