The cost of Starbucks coffee around the world

Just back from a trip to Germany where I admit to getting an occasional taste of home via a cup of Starbucks coffee, I was very interested to see this comparison of Starbucks prices around the world and thought it would be worth sharing.

Even within retail chains of the same name such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and others, prices vary for a number of reasons including the store’s location. Stores in more expensive areas tend to charge more for their products. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see variations in price, even within a fairly small geographic area. But when one crosses international boundaries, the differences can become fairly dramatic.

For example, the tall bold drip coffee I prefer cost €2.05, or about US$2.15, at the Starbucks kiosk at The Squaire, a retail block attached to the Frankfurt Airport (FRA). In the metro Seattle area where I live, I usually pay $1.65 for my morning joe.

As if it had read my mind, the savings website decided to create an international travel guide to help Starbucks coffee addicts know what their favorite beverage will cost them around the world. To do this, the website conducted a pricing survey by calling various Starbucks retail locations in 22 capital cities to inquire about the price of three popular drinks: the Cappuccino, the Americano and the Latte.

According to the survey, the most expensive place for a cup of Starbucks is Bern, Switzerland with an average cost between the three drinks of $5.92. The most affordable city was Warsaw with an average price of $2.68.

As the following Infographic shows, New York City ranked 14 of the 22 cities ranked with an average price of $2.89. In London, it was $3.13 and in Paris, $4.04.


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