Free in-flight Facebook and email postcards for long-haul Lufthansa passengers

Travelers of a certain age will recall the days when trips included sending friends and family postcards from the road. Now, German airline Lufthansa has teamed up with an in-flight apps developer to provide many of the airline’s passengers the opportunity to send post cards from the sky.

Travelers flying long-haul with Lufthansa will now be able to send complimentary Postcards from the Plane on over 100 international aircraft equipped with FlyNet, according to an announcement issued by the airline and in-flight apps developer Flight Level Media last week.

Lufthansa in-flight postcard screen with Flight Level Media software
Lufthansa Postcard Screen
Passengers on over 5,000 flights each month will have the ability to send unlimited, complimentary Facebook and e-mail postcards throughout their flight, allowing passengers to send fun, creative updates and travel notes.

The airline’s customers will be able to build their own personalized postcard with selected images, messages and real-time flight information including origination and destination points, aircraft type, air speed and more.

“For over 15 years, Flight Level Media has specialized in creating unique content experiences that integrate flight specific data with compelling, contextual entertainment and information,” Daniel Callahan, CEO of Flight Level Media said, noting that the feature reinvents the “beloved amenity” of the post card.

I can’t help thinking about a line from the Monty Python Travel Agent sketch, in which a frazzled traveler rants about the futility of “Sending friends tinted postcards of places they don’t realize they haven’t visited.” But I digress.

A personalized postcard message
While many of us enjoy sending and seeing updates from the sky just as we enjoyed receiving postcards in the mail, security experts constantly remind people of the perils of posting on social media that one is away from home.

“If someone follows you on social media and you are talking about how excited you are to see the Mona Lisa, then a criminal will know you are out of the country and may burglarize your home,” Jason Hanson, a former CIA officer, warned before the start of last summer’s travel season.

I am constantly amazed by how many people ignore this advice. Even if you have someone house-sitting or have a roommate who isn’t traveling with you, telling people you are not home could put the other person in peril if a criminal tries to break in under the incorrect assumption that the house is empty.

From my perspective, it is far better to guard your personal safety and security than give in to your friends’ FOMO. After all, waiting to show off all your pictures, videos and souvenirs will give you a great excuse to host a party once you’re back home.

In either case, it's your call. Enjoy safe and happy travels!

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