FAA advises against in-flight use of Samsung Galaxy 7 Note

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued its guidance amid concerns about the safety of the Samsung Galaxy 7 Note.

Late on the evening of Sept. 9, the FAA issued the following statement:

In light of recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices, the Federal Aviation Administration strongly advises passengers not to turn on or charge these devices on board aircraft and not to stow them in any checked baggage.

Reports of exploding batteries forced Samsung to delay shipments of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones,or “phablets,” as they are sometimes called - a combination of "phone" and "tablet." Samsung says the Note 7's battery can experience an overheating that stems from "a very rare manufacturing process error.”

Burned Samsung Galaxy 7 Note by Reddit User Crushader
Burned Samsung Galaxy 7 Note
Earlier this week, a Reddit user who goes by the handle Crushader reported that his/her Note 7 spontaneously exploded while it was plugged in and charging, causing AUS$1,800 damage to their hotel room in western Australia.

In the wake of that incident, Australian airlines Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia have banned passengers from using or recharging the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in flight.

Under the ban, passengers who own the phones will be able to bring them along but will not be allowed to plug them in to in-flight entertainment systems where USB ports are available.

Samsung will reportedly be replacing the defective phones as well as paying for the damage to the Reddit user’s hotel room, but issues with the Note 7 have already caused the company’s stock to tumble, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars of market value.

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Photo courtesy Reddit user Crushader
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