Coming soon: convertible travel shoes?

You’ve probably experienced the phenomenon yourself: You’re packing for a trip and everything is coming together well. All your garments are fitting nicely into a single suitcase … until it comes time to add your shoes. Then, everything changes as you scramble to repack.

If an Italian design company succeeds, it won’t be that way for much longer.

Three entrepreneurs have launched a project they call “Shooz” – convertible travel shoes designed to pack flat into a suitcase or backpack and give travelers the ability to change from a sneaker to a dress shoe with just a zip.

Made up of two separate parts, an upper skin and a sole, Shooz zip together just as one would a jacket. The mix-and-match options allow travelers a choice of designs while simultaneously saving space for other travel necessities.

The Shooz collection offers three different types of soles -- Running, Urban or Drive – each of which can be combined with any of six different styles of uppers, including wingtips, more casual lace-ups, slip-ons and moccasins.

Each pair is made with Italian leathers, bio-cotton, microfiber lining and Aquaguard waterproof zippers by zipper expert YKK. The shoes also feature anti-shock foam insoles, just the thing whether trekking the backcountry of strolling the avenues of Amsterdam. Soles include a layer of cork that also insulates from cold and heat.

As an added convenience for the traveler, both the soles and the skins can be washed in the washing machine, making them all the more versatile.

Shooz are being offered through a Kickstarter campaign for £129, which is about US$199. Participation gets backers one sole and two Shooz skins of their choosing. For more information, or to view the entire collection of designs, visit the Kickstarter web site or the Shooz web site.

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