Most expensive world cities ranked by the price of their beer

The 2015 Beer Price Index, just issued by travel cost comparison site, ranks Geneva, Switzerland as the world’s most expensive city to visit based on the price of its beer.

The index arrives at its rankings by comparing the costs 33 centiliter (cl.) bottles of the five most commonly imported beers as well as the primary local beer in grocery stores and 33 cl. drafts in restaurants. A 33 cl. bottle is the most common size sold at retail in most countries outside the U.S. and is slightly smaller than the 12 oz. bottles and cans popular stateside, which hold 35.5 cl. of beverage.

“The Beer Index proves a useful guide for holidaymakers looking to find the best value holidays this year,” the company said in a statement announcing the index. “[It is] perfect for those looking at costs beyond their hotel and accommodation.”

Following Geneva as the most expensive destination are Hong Kong and Tel Aviv. In stark contrast, cities including Krakow, Poland and Kiev, Ukraine proved dramatically less expensive. According to the beer index, the average price of a beer in Krakow, Poland is $1.66 per beer, while the average price in Geneva is $6.32.

The survey notes that currency fluctuations have played a part in the changes from the previous survey. For example, a dramatic change in the exchange rate for the Swiss franc pushed both Geneva and Zurich past Olso, Norway, the most expensive city in the 2014 survey. Similarly, U.S. cities have become relatively more expensive due to the dollar’s appreciation against the euro. All beer prices were converted to U.S. dollars using the Bloomberg exchange rate effective June 12, 2015.

Out of 75 cities worldwide, those in the US ranked as follows:
  • # 38. Los Angeles with an average of $3.24
  • # 46. Chicago with an average of $3.56
  • # 49. Boston with an average of $3.72
  • # 55. San Francisco with an average of $3.97
  • # 69. Miami with an average of $5.13
  • # 71. New York with an average of $5.20
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