23 interesting (and potentially useful) travel facts

Among the things I love most about travel are amassing new stories and acquiring new bits of trivia to add to my quiver. It was therefore with great interest that I read an e-mail from a Ramon van Meer.

Ramon runs LetsFlyCheaper.com, luxury travel consultants with offices in San Ramon, California and Gordon, New South Wales, Australia. Ramon had compiled a list of "23 Interesting and Potentially Useful Travel Facts" and wanted to share that with readers of TheTravelPro. I am pleased to do so here. Please enjoy.

While Ramon clearly put significant research into this video, I must point out a couple of items in the interest of accuracy.

The flight from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (JED) to Los Angeles International (LAX) is the longest commercial flight by duration. The longest flight by distance is the Qantas Airways flight between Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) and Sydney (SYD), at 13,804 km, or 8,578 miles.

In addition, the now-retired Concorde flew at 1,350 miles an hour. That equates to Mach 2.02, or 2.02 times the speed of sound -- significantly beyond merely "faster than" the speed of sound .

That said, nice job Ramon! Keep up the good work.

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  1. It surprised me to learn that the hottest tourist destination in the whole world is Death Valley in California. Being from California myself, I had no idea I was living near the hottest area in the world. I would figure that the hottest area in the world would be a distant desert in Africa.

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