Travel bargains abound

Whether you want to blame the economy or give credit to the Internet, there's no denying there are more travel bargains to be found now than ever before.

You've seen them: an e-mail from a cruise line, an airline, TripAdvisor's SNIQUEaway, or any of hundreds of sources offering last-minute bargains.  Well, here are a few more., a web site featuring non-hotel vacation rentals, is offering last-minute deals to Lake Tahoe, the Oregon Coast, Colorado, and the Myrtle Beach, North Carolina area.

If you have the cash and the flexibility to drop it all and go, why not?

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Photo by Carl Dombek
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  1. I loved the Myrtle Beach! Thanks for taking me to Travel Destinations

  2. Truly said. There are a lot of international holiday packages available for grabs.


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