After spending the weekend with family in Sacramento, Tuesday found us back on the road.

The weekend was spent in Sacramento and environs, visiting with family and old friends, and generally unwinding. Tuesday, we embarked on what would be our longest day of driving as we headed toward Bend, Oregon to see more friends of long standing.

We'd planned to visit Crater Lake but it turns out it's too early in the season. In addition, it was raining -- hard; not the usual Pacific Northwest mist -- so we picniced in the car and passed on lava fields, the museum of logging, and other potential attractions.

Arriving in Bend, we took the tact that our fathers did when checking out hotels and asked to see the room first. We were ever so glad we did. The first hotel, which was on the banks of the Deschutes River, just didn't cut it, so we made for downtown and a new hotel called the Oxford Hotel.

I will have a more detailed review soon, but for the moment suffice to say it was absolutely wonderful -- an oasis.

Visiting friends of long-standing today, then embarking for Oregon's wine country. Stay tuned.

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Photos by Carl Dombek
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